Inclusive Independent Secondary School AMIGO was added to THE LIST OF ACCREDITED ERASMUS+ SCHOOLS for the period
of 2021-2027 after successful application, which means we will be able to apply for funding for international training trips in
a simplified procedure. These mobilities will be linked to realization of projects chosen by the school.

In the accreditation application, we highlighted subject areas of potential projects, along with an estimated date of realization:

FIELD 1 – Improving teachers and students’ foreign language skills.

Duration of the first stage: 1 September – 30 November 2022
Funding amount: 26 370 €

Project coordinator: Melania Kubik


  • ‘’Intensive English Language Course for Teachers and School Staff’’ – course in Croatia – four teachers
  • ‘’Intensive General English Course’’ – course in Ireland – two teachers
  • ‘’Intensive English and Classroom Management’’ – course in Italy
  • ‘’English Language and Culture for Teachers and Learners’’ – course in Ireland
  • ‘’Learn English the fun way’’ – course in Azores, Portugal – two teachers
  • ‘’Teaching the fun way in the digital era’’ – course in Croatia

1. Eleven international mobilities – language courses (June-August 2022).

2. Participation of Amigo’s teacher in summer camp celebrating 35th anniversary of Erasmus+ – Ribeira Grande (Sao Miguel island), Azores, Portugal – 27 August 2022.

3. English courses for teachers – three levels of advancement – whole period of a project.

4. Individual classes with Ukrainian and Belarusian students – basic communication level – English, studying Polish (postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language – 5 teachers) – mathematics, geography, history, biology – since February 2022.

5. Homeschooling for English-speaking students.

6. Foreign language classes.

Presentation of videos promoting cultural and lingual diversity, enhancing toleration of other cultures, attitudes or beliefs, presentation of videos about anti-discrimination, preventing xenophobia and social exclusion. Playing original soundtrack with English and German subtitles included. Interactive lecture and workshops after the video presentation.

7. Implementing CLIL elements (English) on IT, biology, chemistry, safety education and math classes, such as:

– watching Noble-themed physics lecture by Roger Penrose. The topic of the lecture was a discovery of super-massive black hole in a center of the Milky Way. (classes with the fourth graders within the framework of the MPK in physics)
– attending to the lecture leaded by Kamil Bicz about the possibility of other forms of life on planets orbiting flare stars. The lecture was held in English within the framework of the MPK in physics.
– Resuscitation CPR – First Aid Training,
– Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): Simple steps to save a life – First Aid Training video
– The perfect morning pick-me up: brain gym

8. ‘’Apple Day’’ – 5 October 2022

Culinary workshop: preparing apple-based meals by using recipes written in English Repeating the names of fruits in English. Disseminating vocabulary related to healthy eating in English.

9. Foreign Languages Day – popularization of learning foreign languages – 29 November 2022.

– the 1 st edition of School’s Polyglot Contest
– test evaluating English and German skills and the knowledge within culture, history, and geography of Anglo-Saxon and German speaking countries.
– lingual tasks
– Kahoot platform quiz about fun lingual facts
– mural news-sheet about facts and myths related to language
– poster session (same word in different languages)
– ‘’Treasure hunting’’ including tasks with different communication forms
– ‘’Healthy Lunch’’ – dietary dishes from all over Europe
– Why you should learn foreign languages: amusing advertising spots motivating to do so
– karaoke in various languages

10. German classes held in Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe (Lower Silesian Film Center) by using large screen. The projection of “Vincent will Meer’’ movie with original soundtrack, 27 January 2023.

11. Workshop conference e-Twinning ‘’4.0 Competence in school’’ organized by the Foundation of Development of the Educational System, National e-Twinning Office Warsaw – 2 June 2023.

12. 26.09.2023 POLIGRATA Field game on the occasion of European Day of Languages. The organizer – Information Office of the European Parliament in Poland, Regional
Representation of the European Commission in Wroclaw, Saxony Office in Wroclaw. Representatives of second and third grades of the AMIGO High School.

13. Year-round German course for teachers – establishing a new group.

14. Preparation and delivery of an online „Green Energy” lesson involving schools from five European countries: Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany, Poland. The workshop was conducted by two project teachers in English. – 20 March 2024

Ribeira Grande (Sao Miguel island), Azores, Portugal 27 August 2022


Karaoke in different languages


Field game POLIGRATA


FIELD 2 – Improving knowledge about energy sources and teaching how to use them properly.

Duration of the first stage: 1 June 2023 – 31 August 2024
Funding amount: 24 841 €

Project coordinator: Melania Kubik


  • ‘’READING THE CITY – Using the city as a resource in teaching and learning” – course in Cyprus – 2 teachers
  • ‘’Mindfulness for Teachers: a Hands-on Approach’’ – course in Spain
  1. Culinary workshop focused on healthy eating: ‘’Healthy Lunch’’ – 29 November 2022.

  2. Participation in workshop in Milcz Ornithological Station on ‘’Can birds be fed during winter?’’ Launching a bird feeding and observation program on the school premises – 7 November 2022.

  3. Interdisciplinary media and social education program in Lower Silesian Film Center: ‘’Our place in nature. About meaning of biodiversity’’ – 23 April 2023.

  4. Installation of a board showing the quality of the air and small meteorological station on the school premises.

  5. Establishing school garden in crates. Taking care of the garden – connecting education about ecology with garden therapy (hortitherapy) – April 2023.

  6. Projection of the film ‘’Heart of the oak’’ in Lower Silesian Film Center – all students from the school were the participants – 26 May 2023.

  7. Preparing cork boards promoting ecological actions, slow life, healthy food and life.

  8. Attending to the lecture by Dr. Kamil Janiak, Ph,: ‘’To understand climate change’’ – Politechnika Wrocławska, department of Environmental Engineering – 18 September 2023.

  9. Preparations are being made for the implementation of a group pupil mobility that will take place at the school Agrupamento de Escolas de Eiriz in Baião, Portugal. The mobility will involve 7 students and 3 teachers. The project to be carried out will be on renewable energy sources – starting in January 2024.

  10. Create an account on the FB page of the Inclusive Independent Secondary School AMIGO project implemented under the Erasmus+ Accreditation programme → click – 14 March 2024.

  11. Conducting an environmental awareness campaign entitled „Extend the life of things – be EKO!!!”, which included the organisation of an AMIGO TARGET, where people could exchange previously brought items → click – 18-25 March 2024.

  12. Participation of students from classes I and III of the Secondary School in the first stage of the National Knowledge Olympiad on the European Union. The themes of the Olympiad are the European Parliament elections and 20 years of Poland’s membership of the EU – 18 March 2024.

  13. Participation in a workshop on „Water retention and conservation” organised for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students by the educational and cultural centre of the ONWATER.PL foundation – 18 March 2024.

  14. Preparation and delivery of an online „Green Energy” lesson involving schools from five European countries: Portugal , Spain , Greece , Germany and, of course, from Poland . Topics discussed during the meeting: types of renewable energy, its use in various European countries, and ways of conversion of green energy into electricity. – 20 March 2024

  15. A lecture and screening of the documentary film „Our Place on Earth” at the Lower Silesian Film Centre – attended by pupils of classes I, II, III LO and 7 and 8 SP – 22 March 2024.

Culinary workshop


FIELD 3 – Providing equal opportunities for people mistreated because of their disfunction, health condition and social background.

  1. Continuation of the student company’s ‘’Manufacture beneath Umbrella’’ along with accompanying career counseling-themed workshops – school year 2021/22, 2022/23, 2023/24.
  2. ‘’Training Social Skills’’ – workshop classes for students – school year 2021/23, 2023/24.

FIELD 4 – Promoting cultural diversity and European values of democracy.

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